American society is becoming more open.

American society continues to become more open, and less dogmatic, as the influence of previously powerful religious and other institutions is balanced by increased exposure to different things, and easier communication with others.

science space

Mars. No longer a matter of if, but when.

In order to survive, humanity will need to colonize other planets, and a manned mission to Mars will be the first step. With each passing day, such a mission is looking more likely, to the point that what was once a dream now looks like an inevitability.

government religion

Yes, televangelists should be taxed. So should churches.

In a 20-minute rant on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver skewered televangelists and the IRS, exposing how easy it is to set up a “religious” tax exempt organization. To illustrate the point, the show¬†actually set up a tax-exempt religious organization of its¬†own: Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption. When you wade into this subculture, even a […]


There’s a simple reason to be opposed to the death penalty.

The death penalty causes all sorts of hand-wringing as people argue reasons for and against, but there is really only one reason that matters, and it’s why capital punishment should be eliminated.


David Letterman didn’t walk a fine line, he built his show right on top of it.

For an 80s kid with aspirations of working in broadcasting, Late Night with David Letterman was a fascinating mix of sarcasm, sincerity, irony and snark, sometimes all at the same time.

business food

The amazing bullshit of wine tasting is something to be admired.

Amateur bullshitters looking to up their game might want to start reading about wine tasting. It may be the pinnacle of the bullshitting arts.


Pluto: planet or not, we’re finally going to see it up close.

NASA’s New Horizons probe will soon bring us the most detailed pictures ever of Pluto, the planet that is not a planet, and it’s doing this with some very precision navigation.

fashion technology

Apple Watch’s pricing is a tricky balance of paradigms.

If pricing is on the high end of pundit projections, then it raises questions about how Apple will handle the upgrade cycle for its Edition Watch.

ecology economy energy

For solar, the benefits of being a technology are multiplying.

Prediction: between 2015 and 2025, the energy market will experience major disruptions as a result of cheap solar energy. First to be disrupted will be pricing, followed by business models.

biology science

Memories in the brain might be stored differently than thought.

Memories may be stored differently than previously thought, allowing for restoration of memories in patients with Alzheimer’s.