games software

Finally, software has beaten humans at Go.

More progress with AI: Google’s DeepMind team announces that its Go program has beaten the European champion (and all other Go software). I guess self-aware computers are going to have to invent their own games if they want a challenge.

music software

Creative software should observe patterns of nature.

A study provides a bit of evidence that human drummers may in fact make timing mistakes in a fractal pattern. Things like this should inform developer decisions when creating software engaged in creative pursuits (like virtual drummers).

business entertainment technology

Why will Apple make a car? Free time.

If Apple’s developing a car, it’s probably not about the car. It’s about your free time.


David Letterman didn’t walk a fine line, he built his show right on top of it.

For an 80s kid with aspirations of working in broadcasting, Late Night with David Letterman was a fascinating mix of sarcasm, sincerity, irony and snark, sometimes all at the same time.

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